In 2023 the Sydney Catholic Schools Eisteddfod is back – bigger and better with additional venues and new sections. And this year also sees the SCS Sports Dance Competition amalgamated with the SCS Eisteddfod.

Eisteddfod events will be hosted by:

Mount St Joseph College Milperra | Marist College Penshurst |

Marist College Eastwood | Southern Cross Catholic College Burwood |

De La Salle College Caringbah

The Sydney Catholic Schools Eisteddfod gives all students the opportunity to hone their skills and perform in front of an audience, no matter their ability or experience. They receive valuable feedback from industry professionals as well as interacting with one another in a safe and supportive environment. All students from Sydney Catholic Schools are encouraged to enter sections in solo or ensemble sections in many different categories.


  • Vocal Solos & Choral Ensembles
    • Vocal Solo, Duet, Trio & Quartets
    • Choral Ensembles
    • Show Choir
  • Instrumental Solo & Instrumental Ensembles
    • Piano solos
    • Instrumental Solos & Duets
    • Concert, Jazz, Stage Bands
    • String, Wind, Brass, Percussion Ensembles
    • Contemporary Music Ensembles & Rock Bands
  • Dance Solo & Dance Ensembles
  • Drama Solo & Drama Ensembles

Entry is open to the following stages and levels. Specific experience limits vary between categories and are entered at teachers discretion:

Stage 2 – Primary- Years 3-4
Stage 3 – Primary – Years 5-6
Stage 4 – Secondary – Years 7-8
Stage 5 – Secondary – Years 9-10
Stage 6 – Secondary – Years 11-12

*Please note experience levels DO NOT denote quality of the performer/performance, they only cover the duration of time a student has been performing.

Newcomer – No prior experience or limited experience (specifics available in handbook provided to teachers). All members of a group in this level must fit the experience requirement.

For example… Drama Solo, Stage 2-6, No/limited prior involvement in drama classes/ performances inside or outside of school. Less than 1 year involvement.

Developing – Meets the experience requirement in the handbook (usually between 1-4 years specific to the discipline). May have gained their level of experience inside or outside of school. Members of a group may vary across Newcomer and Advanced but a majority must fit the requirement for developing.

For example… Instrumental Solo, Stage 4-5, Grade 2-4, Playing between 1 and 4 years.


A Show Choir who have gained knowledge of the voice and choreography over time. They have some experience with performing in front of audiences and students. The Show Choir may have competed in an eisteddfod or performed publicly before.

Advanced – Students must have performed before as per the experience requirements. Any group performance must have a significant majority of Advanced level performers and no Newcomers.

For example… Dance Solo, Stage 5-6, Dancing for more than 3 years

Note – Dance Ensembles are classified into Newcomer and Experienced only to match Sport requirements.

Trophies are awarded for each section in every stage and level. Trophy types may vary section to section and are awarded at the adjudicator’s discretion. Their decision is final.

Dates for 2023
Please note that the specific schedule for each day, and who performs at which session, will be shared at the beginning of Term 2.

Week Date Category
Week 4 Wednesday 17 May Dance Ensembles
Thursday 18 May Dance Ensembles
Friday 19 May Dance Ensembles
Saturday 20 May Dance Solos
Week 5 Friday 26 May Drama Ensembles
Saturday 27 May Drama Solos
Week 6 Wednesday 31 May Choral Ensembles
Thursday 1 June Choral Ensembles
Friday 2 June Choral Ensembles
Saturday 3 June Vocal Solo, Duet, Trio and Quartet
Week 7 Friday 9 June Instrumental Ensembles
Saturday 10 June Instrumental Solos & Piano Solos
Week 8 Friday 16 June Contemporary Music Ensembles & Rock Bands
Saturday 17 June Piano Solos
Week 9 Day 1 – TBC SCS Eisteddfod Showcase – Invitational
Day 2 – TBC SCS Eisteddfod Showcase – Invitational
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