Murrawadeen Goodjarga Performance Ensemble provides opportunities for teachers and students to develop their connection to culture through storytelling, dance, drama and music. Goodjarga unites people, makes connections to culture and country and links our past with our future.

Goodjarga is our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student performance ensemble, featured regularly at significant public events and as part of the annual CaSPA LiVE Showcase.

Schools are invited to engage with Goodjarga and learn more about our shared Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage. This program has been designed to nurture the creative skills of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and to develop the whole school community’s understanding of, and respect for, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and language.

“I believe that this experience was really amazing as we got to connect with fellow Aboriginal students and to engage with our culture.” – Student

“I think there’s something real about students delivering the learning.”  “It’s really affirming of their cultural identity to be out on the road as custodians of the Aboriginal histories. They are the storytellers, so it puts the onus on them to grow in their cultural knowledge and develop their leadership skills. It’s very rewarding for the audience and the students who are participating.” Elizabeth Mullane, Education Officer: Creative & Performing Arts