Empowering the expressive and creative self through various modes of learning.

The role of Arts HQ is to provide rich and varied opportunities in performing arts for all students and within a diverse framework. We do this by delivering a suite of programs that recognise and support a wide range of learning styles. The Arts HQ team work closely with Sydney Catholic School colleagues that have expertise across the field of diverse learning and together we are able to include all students in the program.

These programs include working with students with complex needs at Eileen O’Connor Catholic College; helping students to develop interpersonal skills and wellbeing through Creative Ability; providing performing arts experiences that encourage kinesthetic learning (learning through doing) and challenging high achieving students through extension opportunities in dance, drama or music; and finally, helping students with English literacy through drama in the Archdiocese and Catholic Intensive English Centres.

Intensive English Workshops
Eileen O’connor catholic college collaboration
Creative Ability
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