Collaborative Recycled ‘Sculpture by the Schools’ Program

Sydney Catholic Schools invites ‘expressions of interest’ for the program ‘Sculpture by the Schools’. This entails schools producing a piece(s) of a sculpture that will cohesively be combined to create ONE Collaborative Recycled Sculpture.

This program will show that big things are achieved when many people combine their seemingly small actions. This helps to drive true behavioural change, creating the habits of adulthood and, hopefully, inspiring tomorrow’s great minds to develop new and better ways of eliminating waste.

The sculpture will then be submitted at

It is always challenging to deliver a subject that is sometimes not an area of expertise. Our Education Officer Helen Landas has carefully designed a program for your school. It will give teachers ideas, skills and knowledge that will empower them to feel more confident when working with the students.

Our Education Officers and SCS Artist-in-Residence will visit schools to assist in the sculpture-making experience whilst passing down the different techniques in structured workshops.


Schools and students are given a voice to vote in choosing their choice of out of the 4 programs