We are pleased to announce a new Sydney Catholic Schools Visual Arts initiative, the REGIONAL ARTS CULTURAL EXCHANGE FORUM that our school is participating in.

This program aims to offer a unique opportunity for all Regional Dioceses art students to be a part of a new collaborative experience. Shining a light on important conversations while connecting creatives to learn new techniques, students will share their knowledge and their love of art and create collaborative artwork that will be unveiled at World Square in Sydney and then travel to all participating schools and Diocesan offices, celebrating their achievements.


  • The Group that will be a part of this regional cultural exchange program, can be a gifted and talented class, extracurricular Visual Arts class, or an Elective Stage 5 Visual Arts class.
  • Interactive ZOOM seminars in the form of live presentations and workshops happening in real-time as users participate through discussion, video chatting, file-sharing, or asking questions while creating artwork. The CAPA Education Officer and the Artist-in-Residence will run regular workshops over Term 3 and Term 4 in collaboration with the Coordinator of this program. Proposed time after school.
  • Students will work with Artists in Residence
  • SCS can nominate to host their live stream from the art rooms and the Education Officer and Artist-in-Residence will visit their school.
  • Students will vote for their favourite option for a collaborative project and all schools will contribute to the agreed artwork.
  • Each school’s contribution will be put together to form a single travelling body of work that can be displayed in Catholic Dioceses Offices and participating schools.
  • Sydney Catholic schools in consultation with Education Officers will support resource provision gaps for our schools to participate.

Here are the projects that are up for discussion, voice and choice.

All programs that have been carefully curated by our Education Officer Helen Landas are ready for implementation.

Students will learn new artists and techniques to further expand their knowledge and technical capabilities in art.

1. Regional Arts Exchange ‘Gallery of Work’ 2022-2023 item; Poster

Gallery of Work’ 2022-2023 item poster

Program voted by students: ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’
Artwork video
Regional Arts Exchange Credit Roll
Artist Statement

2. Regional Arts Exchange ‘Gallery of Work’ 2023-2024 item; Poster


Program voted by students: ‘Forest Fantasia -Into the Woods’