Sydney Catholic Schools offers a dynamic and inclusive Visual Arts program that caters to students of all ages, from Kindergarten to Year 12. Our program is designed to foster creativity, develop technical skills, and encourage critical inquiry through a range of design-and-make tasks.

We provide students with comprehensive support through holiday workshops that offer personalised guidance in a supportive environment. Our Masterclass workshop series is designed to help students prepare for the HSC written paper and their Bodies of Work, with experienced HSC teachers and markers offering valuable feedback on their Visual Arts process diary.

Our team also offers students numerous opportunities to engage in competitions and annual programs, such as the Portrait Prize K-12, Sculpture by the Schools K-6, and our Cultural Arts Forum Exchange Program with Regional Dioceses Stage 4&5. We celebrate our rich cultural heritage by integrating art with history through National Sorry Day and NAIDOC art programs, which help build students’ understanding of the role of art in both contemporary and historical contexts.

We encourage students to participate in a range of competitions, including the Christmas Story and Clancy Art Prize, as well as external competitions such as The Young Archie NSW Gallery, RSL Remembrance Anzac Day competition, Cancel to Creek Prize, ZART competitions, Book Week, local council, art sustainable, and photography and digital competitions.

The Gifted Visual Arts programs are tailored to individual student needs, with a focus on fostering experimentation, technical proficiency, and creative expression. Our program supports students who love to read voraciously, think with high morals, values, and truth, and are passionate about exploring the world through the lens of art.